Our company counts with professionals vast experienced in different industries and with solid technical knowledge in the areas covered by our range of services. The members of Landa Auditores SpA are people who have spent years managing the operation and / or support in important national companies, so they have been faced with the need to hire external consultants and know the expectations that arise from these consultancies. Therefore, we put ourselves in the place of our clients and work together with them to achieve their business objectives.

In addition, our permanent staff has excellent professionals which have allowed us to establish work practices based on the most recognized international standards.

To increase our clients’ business value ¬†through the provision of consulting services in matters of strategic alignment and operational improvement, as well as outsourcing of business processes and / or support. We have consultants specialized in different industries and matters, with vast experience in business management. We create synergy to offer the best of both worlds to our clients, achieving the empathy necessary to work as a team and satisfy their needs.
We seek to be recognized as a high quality and solid value consulting company, working together with our clients to increase the value of their business, by incorporating innovation and technology into their processes and projects.

Our professional services include the develop of different types of audits