The needs of modern, agile and flexible companies require audit tasks not limited to reviewing and preparing their corresponding diagnoses. Our internal control design and evaluation is based on the identification of risks in the different business areas, in order to protect resources and provide solutions to the control problems in your organization.

After obtaining this information, it is processed and evaluated as a basic element in decision making. The modality of work of the members of our organization has been defined with a different approach to the traditional one. The emphasis is no longer on simple compliance with audit standards, but on the provision of a specialized, beneficial and practical service for the client, through our advice, collaboration and commitment to the management of your business.

An eminently constructive approach to audit is implemented, in order to contribute to the growth and development of the company. It is not enough with mere critical observation, typical of traditional audit work. The contemporary world of business requires replacing this concept with dynamic and concrete analysis, immediate support in the implementation of its practical derivations, based on constant, timely and fluid communication with the client, achieving agility, simplicity and speed, and regular monitoring of compliance with the strategic vision.

Under this area, the following Audit Services are mainly provided:

  1. Special reviews according to previously agreed procedures, process evaluation, internal controls, verification of use and application of company funds, etc.
  2. Inventories and fixed assets controls review.
  3. Audit of computer systems